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How do I get my film to you?

Great question! Recently, we are now accepting film development outside of Houston Texas.

First, head over to services and select the services that fit your needs. Once you have placed the order you will have an Order number.

Next, wrap up your film roll carefully in a box with a zip lock to prevent any possible water damages and include your First name, last name, and order number so we can confirm that the order has been paid already to start processing.

However, if you are located in Houston Texas or just in town you can drop off the film in our drop off box located in:

EADO Workspace
3420 Rusk St #16
Houston, Texas 77003

Our drop off box for film is in Room 14. Access code to the building is #5035.

Full instructions with images is here.

When you get to the drop off box there are complimentary ziplock bags to put your film in with your order number and contact information. Remember to pay ahead to prevent any interruptions or possible lost rolls! 

What Scanner are you using?

For the longest time we have been holding off sharing this information because we have been pioneering and perfecting DSLR scanning at the levels of the traditional scanners. 

Furthermore, we understand the future of Film Labs will be DSLR so we decided to get a jump start in that direction.

We have perfected the color profiles, quality resolutions, and larger size scans beyond a traditional scanner can do as well. At the same time, we maintain the evoking feeling of film while providing superior digital scans and colors.

Why does it take so long to develop my Film Rolls?

The film lab is very much so like a farmland. There are no ways to cut corners and everything has to be done step by step with precision to make sure your film rolls are in good care. 

Mistakes will happen in any business but, we do our best to minimize it and we ask for everyone's patience. Trust that your film is on the way.

Whats the address to send my film rolls to you?

Cactus Film Lab
3420 Rusk St. #16
Houston, Texas 77003

How do I get a hold of someone to talk to?

The best way to communicate with us is via email 

There are too many customers to keep up with via phone calls and without documentations for us to reference back email is the best form for us to keep up with you and to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Why Cactus Film Lab?

There are several options and other labs to be your provider. 

However, if you are looking for higher quality scans, sharper images, and larger base resolution we would be the ideal provider.

Along with that if there is a color tone or mood you like to aim for our Lab Tech will do their best to mimic the aesthetic for you too. Simply make your request in the notes.