24/7 Film Roll Drop Off

Swing by day or night if you are here locally.



We are located in EADO Workspace. The mailbox is in Room 14's hallway.

3420 Rusk St.
Houston Texas 77003


Main Entrance

The main access to the building is the 2 Blue doors between 2 commercial mailboxes.

To the right of the door is the self check in access keypad.


Self Check In Access

To gain access to the building press first, "#, 5035" You will next hear a buzz indicating the doors are unlocked.


Main Lobby

Once you have entered the build you will be at the main lobby and the building's directory board. 

Head towards the green wall and make a Right.


Hallway to Room 14

From the lobby and green wall you will then go towards the Orange wall where you will see Room 14 signage above the door.


Room 14's Hallway

Room 14, has it's own mini walkway and inside there is the Cactus Film Lab's drop off box. 

If you are facing the door it is on the right side of the wall.


The Drop Off

At the mailbox, you will notice we have complimentary zip lock bags, note paper, and a sharpie to label your information before dropping the film into the mailbox.



Be sure to make your payment and to include your order number with the drop off so we can identify your Film Rolls and to make sure they are not lost or pending. Thanks for visiting!